True Inspections LLC


Residential Inspections

Arguable one of the most important things during a home purchase is the inspection.  It will often reveal defects in the home which may lead costly repairs and possibly safety issues.  If you are looking to buy, give us a call. 512-426-1396


Prelisting Inspections

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, you may want to get a prelisting inspection. This will help you assess your home's current condition and may help you sell it much faster by eliminating many of the issues that come up during a negotiation process with a potential buyer.

Phase Inspections

Many homes are built in areas without city inspections carried out during the process.  I will conduct phase inspections for "quality of workmanship" during the construction of your home.  This will give you peace of mind in knowing there was someone looking at the work other than a contractor.


Builder Phase Inspections

Building a home in an area without city inspectors?  Give me a call.  I will conduct "quality of workmanship" inspections during the build process, giving you and the potential buyer peace of mind.  This can also be a great selling point,  stating the build was inspected by a third party.